Here at Paws CLE we strive to be a one stop shop for all of your dog’s needs.

We understand how busy Pawrents are these days, so offering grooming services along with daycare and boarding will make it easier than ever to keep your pups clean and healthy!


Full bath, blow dry, brush, hair cut, nail trim, ear clean, teeth brush, pad moisturizer

Hair trim around eyes, toes and sanitary area, full bath, blow dry, brush, nail trim, ear clean, teeth brush, pad moisturizer

6 months and under 
Hair trim, full bath, brush, nail trim, ear clean, teeth brush, pad moisturizer  

Deshedding bath with special shampoo, extensive blow dry, full brush out, ear clean, teeth brush, nail trim, pad moisturizer

Special bath / shampoo / conditioner, blow dry, brush out

A La Carte Services

Prices vary on size and hair length

  • Full Bath, Blow Dry, Brush out
  • Nail Cut / File (If your dog allows, both nail cutters and Dremmal are used. If not, whichever your pup prefers is the one we will go with!)
  • Ear Clean
  • Baths and nail trims are available to pups in daycare or boarding, just ask us when you drop your pup off.

**** Ear cleaning, and nail trimming pricing can vary based on temperament of your pup ******

**** Grooming pricing varies based on weight, coat length, coat condition, breed, and temperament. ******

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