About Us

About Us

What we’re all about

PawsCLE is a canine center in Cleveland Heights that your pup will consider a second home. Whether for daycare or for overnight stays, we offer a fun and safe environment for your dogs. We understand the stress for both dogs and their owners when forced to be apart. Thus, we invite you to come and check out our center to ensure everyone is comfortable, happy and relaxed so that the first trip here is as stress-free as possible. ​

We offer wide-open indoor and outdoor spaces for the dogs to stretch their legs, play, use the restroom, and even just bask in the sun for a nap. As a newly remodeled and modern facility, you can expect safety and cleanliness to be the primary facilities’ focus.

Our culture at PawsCLE is inspired by the Heights Community, the people living here and, of course, their four-legged friends too. This is just the beginning for PawsCLE and we want you to be part of our future.

Our Story

Welcome to PawsCLE! I’m Jeff Bradish – the owner of PawsCLE. As a fellow Heights resident and total dog lover, it only made sense for me to follow a dream of opening a doggy daycare and boarding facility here in the Heights. However, this dream would have never become a reality without my wife, Meghan, who agreed to finally marry me in October of 2017.

To prove our joint love for dogs, I proposed to her at the house where we met (20+ years ago; in 3rd grade!) Planning the proposal was crucial, as both myself and Meghan are dog lovers, I had to include the other love of my life in on this momentous occasion: our Goldendoodle, Frank.

As I got down on one knee to ask the woman I love to marry me, Frank came walking out with the ring around his collar. The rest is history.

Frank is a huge part of our lives and we would do anything for him. That’s how we ended up here opening up PawsCLE. We wanted to create a safe, fun, and family-oriented environment for dogs during the day or when your family takes a much-needed vacation.

We would love for you to meet Frank, and we would love to meet you! So please drop by PawsCLE to check out our facility, and if nothing else, to meet the greatest Goldendoodle around (I know, I’m biased).